"It was in 1939 that we first had an injection moulding machine from Germany Mohwinckel Company. Its maximum injection capacity was of 2 grams.

The only injection moulding material: cellulose acetate.

After the Second World War the activity resumed and the attention was brought again on the plastic materials sector.

As the time passed by, encouraged by our good attitude towards mould construction, we dedicated exclusively to injection moulding.

It was a succession of updated machines: hand machines, hydraulic machines and oil-dynamic machines.

Meanwhile, new raw materials joined in and permitted plastic materials to be introduced in almost every industry.

New production systems were born: among them the blow moulding technology, which, at the time, was protected by a patent.

We were in the forefront even in that sector with the realization of small containers trough the use of the first injection machines.

In 1960 we equipped our company with the first machines.

The technological development was quick and today the realization of different blown plastic items has been widely applied to many industry fields.

Thanks to our constant and tenacious activity, today our Company can offer customers the achieved experience beside its good equipment."

The founding

2007 -  Il nuovo stabilimento di Bornasco (PV)

1974 - Lo stabilimento di Rozzano (MI)

1950 - La bottega artigiana di Via Segantini (MI)

Bergamaschi Plastica s.r.l.
Sede operativa: Via delle Betulle 1/3 Località Fornace - 27010 Bornasco (PV)
tel. +39 0382 950111 - fax +39 0382 950130
Sede legale: Via Marconi ang. Via Volta - 20089 Rozzano (MI) - p.iva 01852170156

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