The main characteristic of the Supertank are:

Its consistent and solid structure allows stacking on pallets of standard sizes (800x1200 and 1000x1200).

Designed and realised with a wide angle structure, they are extremely light.

Realized with high molecular weight polyethylene (HDPE-HMW), chemical agents resistant, it is applied in every field.

Applied to the transport of dangerous goods according to ONU Regulation for the road transport (ADR-RID), ship transport (IMO-IMDG) and fly transport (IATA-ICAO).

  1. Each size of supertank is equipped with a security seal cap closure.
  2. Jutting handle grip allows easy handling and stacking.
  3. The upper relieves on the cap and the handle, fit on the base, offer a high level stability.
  4. On the back it is equipped with level bars. In coloured jerrycans the liquid level check can be easily made by a transparent strip (only for art. 10 lt)
  5. At the bottom, on the back, there is a handle to ease pour operations.
  6. The lateral walls permit the application of labels without damaging the jerrycans integry.
Item Capacity Dimensions Entrance ONU Weight Items no. Per pallet
Lt. Nom. Lt. Act. B. mm H. mm Ø mm. Gr. n.
TN003ST 3 3,80 160X173 189 44 - 180 432
TN005ST 5 5,35 155X168 245 44 3H1/Y1.9 250 396
TN006ST 6 6,20 155X168 288 44 3H1/Y 250 324
TN010ST 10 10,50 184X222 315 44 3H1/Y1.9 430 200
TN015STY 15 18,50 247x297 323 44 3H1/Y1.9 750 112
TN020ST 20 23 247X297 385 44 3H1/Y1.9 850 112
TN025ST 25 28,50 247X297 445 44 3H1/Y1.9 1050 96
TN030ST 30 33,60 293x307 445 44 3H1/Y1.9 1200  
also available in non-approved version

Technical data and characteristics are expressed in mm. And litres, they are approximate and not binding to the constructor.


Standard color: black

Caps can be coloured and personalized with relieved marks on request.

Available colours (above on the left):
Light Blue
Light Grey

Vented Cap Child-Safety Cap Dispensing cap Flexible Transfer Spanner 

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